Valuation and Litigation Support


Financial valuation is both science and art. Practitioners rely on the quantitative tools of economics, finance and accounting, and the qualitative sensibilities of law, management, marketing, and organizational theory. Common sense is critical, too.

RBF approaches each engagement comprehensively—and impartially—to build a supportable, independent opinion of value. We work closely with attorneys, making us outstanding expert witnesses. So we can be successful as well as right.


RBF's Valuation and Litigation Support Services Include:

  • Valuation and litigation support for business transactions and disputes
  • Valuation and litigation support for estate and gift purposes and divorce
  • Valuation for regulatory compliance and financial reporting
  • Fairness opinions
  • Review of valuation reports prepared by non-RBF professionals
  • Business planning and transaction support
  • Buy-Sell fulfillment and consulting
  • Phantom Stock Plan and key employee retention design and consulting
  • Satisfying new requirements of the SBA for business acquisition loans

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Paul Bardaro, CPA, ABV:

Helpful Links

How current is your buy-sell agreement? Buy-sell agreements often go stale more quickly than most business owners imagine, especially when it comes to determining the value of their individual stake in their own business. A new article by RBF partner Paul Bardaro spells out a few important considerations.

Valuation Tip The vast majority of U.S. businesses are small to mid-size closely held entities. The sale of these two groups is usually conducted by an asset sales transaction. But how do you convert stock values to asset values? The conversion can be easily done on a simple one-page worksheet. To see a sample, click here. (Prepared by RBF partner Paul Bardaro, CPA, ABV, CGMA.)



For the details, download our Valuation One Sheet.