Like most businesses, farming relies on solid financial planning, management and operational advice. Yet there is no industry more prone to uncertainty. Risk comes in many forms - production, market, fiscal - and without proper guidance, failure is common. Add the diversity of US farms - in size, structure, ownership, composition and government investment - and you get a very complex and volatile picture.

RBF recognizes that agricultural businesses require highly specialized guidance. We advise our farming clients in how to remain profitable through engaging proper business structures, risk management, tax planning and succession planning.


RBF Assists Farming Businesses by:

  • Assisting with succession tax planning for families and multiple owner farming operations
  • Consulting on equipment asset replacement schedules to optimize trade-in value
  • Controlling repair costs using tax deferred exchanges
  • Farming tax planning for owners, alt-min analysis and depreciation planning
  • Analyzing farm “activity” designation
  • Advising on state grants as funding sources
  • Advising on and develop a multi-farm consortium using methane digesters
  • Advising and assisting on acquisition of wind and geothermal equipment

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